Our Competitors

Kross Racing Team is a Polish professional cycling team present on cycling routes for 11 years. In the 2015 season the team was joined by the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing Maja Włoszczowska and the sixth cyclist in the World Championship in marathon Bartłomiej Wawak. In 2016 our group was joined by Fabian Giger, a talented Swiss cyclist, who has won a bronze medal in the First European Championships. In the colours of Kross Racing Team will still compete for the best results Anna Szafraniec-Rutkiewicz.

The common aim of all the competitors is to reach the best results in a new season and, for a Polish part of the team, to qualify for a national team and represent our country during the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil for a gold medal on a Kross Level B+ bike will certainly compete Maja Włoszczowska, who has already qualified for the Games.