Maja Włoszczowska wins
the World Cup in Val di Sole

The Kross Racing Team member, after an attack on the second-last lap, won the 4th round of the world cup in mountain biking. Second place was taken by Emily Batty, and third by Włoszczowska’s teammate, Jolanda Neff.

Right at the beginning of the race, a group formed that would set the pace for the competition. It included Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa, Emily Batty, as well as two competitors of the Kross Racing Team - Maja Włoszczowska and Jolanda Neff.

The strong tempo was set mainly by Neff and Prevot, constantly trying to attain an advantage over their rivals, though without success. From the back of the group, Włoszczowska followed their endeavours.

In the middle of the second-last round, the Polish champion decided to attack, noting a 5-second advantage over Batty coming into the last lap. Neff and Batty raced after her, while Prevot weakened. Only the two Kross members and Batty remained in the game.

Maja took on the last uphill section with an 8-second lead over her teammate and 10 seconds ahead of Batty. The Canadian accelerated and in the middle of the uphill stretch was only 8 seconds behind. Włoszczowska kept up the tempo until the end and was again victorious in the World Cup after a 6-year break.

In a week, the next round of the World Cup in Andorra.

Statement by Maja Włoszczowska:

“Val di Sole again turned out to be lucky for me; I won the World Cup here once before. In the first half of the race I didn’t anticipate it; I wasn’t feeling in good enough shape to fight for victory. I just wanted to give it all I could. The race was long and it was necessary to save energy for later sections. The girls at the front got a bit worn-out, which allowed me to quickly catch up to them. However, I preferred to go at my pace, so I sometimes stayed a little behind the leader. In the second part of the race I knew that I had to try and win. I took advantage of the longest uphill section on the route, attacked there and gained a few seconds advantage. Afterwards there was no time to let up and didn’t want to make any mistake. I can’t believe it myself that I got to the finish line first.”